The Unholy Wanderer

After a month long Kickstarter campaign and far too much time writing and packing orders, I finally managed to make my pin design a reality.


I think they turned out incredibly well, the detail on the head is great.


Its great to see a drawing turn into a physical product.

The pin is 38x30mm, which is quite big; helping to get all the detail in.

These pins are now for sale on my Etsy.



Ian Mitchell Inspired – Byron

I saw Ian Mitchell’s work at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle a few weeks ago. He has this sort of abstract but simple style going on, so I wanted to give it a bit of a go.

I’m a fan of the really simply colour palette that he uses, its very clean and looks good.


My piece is of Byron accommodation at NTU. I like the colour palette, but in hindsight its a little dark (was a lighter shade on my Macbook). Either way I’m pretty pleased with it, definitely something I might try again in future.

Cinema4d, Low Poly and Gradient Mapping

After modelling this low poly forest scene I decided to try out some weird gradient maps; I don’t normally use them for a lot of things so was pretty curious about the outcomes.


Its a pretty shadow heavy scene, but I wanted a bit of ambiance that I can’t normally seem to get from low poly.


This is with a few variations of the spectrum gradient maps, came out pretty trippy. Looks weird, over saturated and really bright. I quite like it.


This was just the reversed spectrum map, not sure why I like the green and yellow so much but its pretty funky.

These didn’t turn out how I was expecting, but I think they’re pretty fun to mess around with. Completely changes the look and feel of the same picture.

A Night at the Opera

In this Uni project we had to create three posters for a client, mine being the RSC. I live pretty close to Stratford, and happened to think I could probably have skulls in my posters, so it wasn’t a particularly hard choice.

This started off as a pretty ropey project. My ideas weren’t coming and anything I produced looked pretty damn shoddy. After far too much pissing time away I ended up with some outcomes I’m pleased with.

The Romeo and Juliet poster has a lot that can be improved. The style didn’t fit it as well as I thought it might. So this is definitely one that I need to go back too.

Etsy – 2 Months In.

I started my shop 2 months ago in November:


I started because I wanted a place to try and sell work from the comfort of my room .I sell mainly small lino prints, but also some screenprints, posters and shirts. My level of social media input and number of products isn’t massive; so I could expect to have had more sales if this was the case.

I have had 4 sales over the 2 months, not great but also not a bad place to start. I’ve got to say that I love it as a platform. It’s really great for listing products quickly, and also gives a good level of access between buyer and seller.


Like most selling sites Etsy takes a cut of the profit and also a small amount for listing products to begin with, but this is a pretty small fee.

I’d definitely recommend Etsy to others, who are looking to start selling their own products.


Stick ‘n’ Pokes – A Shit Idea

I really like stick and poke tattoos, so I don’t actually have an issue with them personally. I have two of them myself. But lets be real, they’re a pretty retarded thing to do.

I’m not referring to ‘hand poked’ tattoos, which are done by a professional or someone who actually has some kind of idea what the hell they’re doing. Stick and pokes on the other hand are normally done by someone without proper equipment, in less than hygienic settings (obviously not all the time).


(Above picture from @european.son.420 on instagram)

I probably fall into the latter since I have no fucking idea what I’m doing, but I do use sterile tattoo needles and ink which I guess is always a plus.

Anywho, I think the reason stick and pokes are amazing is exactly the same reason why they’re a really stupid idea. Anyone can do a stick and poke if they want to, you can do them with stuff you probably have lying around the house. This also means drunk people and younger kids can do them with absolutely nothing sterile. This is what gives them such a bad rep, when some 14 year old has given themselves a heart tattoo on their wrist with Bic biro ink. No shit, thats not a good idea.


(Above picture from reddit/stick and pokes)

Also a lot of the time they turn out pretty crappy, even with proper needles mine turned out with the odd wonky line and misplaced dot. Do I regret them? No, but I enjoy the process of the tattoo itself more than whatever the outcome is.

tl:dr – I probably wouldn’t advise giving yourself a tattoo.