Linocut – Only for beginners?

I think printing with lino is a good way for getting into hand printing, without having to spend a lot of money or buy a lot of equipment. I like the fact that the prints won’t all turn out the same, as well as the little imperfections.

I’m a pretty big amateur at linocuts. But nothing is more annoying than talking to someone about it, and them kindly remind you that they used to do it back in junior school. Always good to know I have the skills of an 8 year old.

For some reason quite a lot of people (not normally people who like designing) think of lino as something simple and ‘easy’. There are so many great printmakers out there though. Jeremy Luther, link to his Instagram HERE, does incredibly detailed, multi layered lino work.


He uses a scalpel to do all his cutting, they’re just crazy to see. It’s fair to say he is definitely not a beginner.

Below are some of my own prints, I’ve only been working in black for the moment but I want to start experimenting with more layers and colours soon. No matter what people think, lino is one of the more rewarding ways I find to work. Its always exciting to see the final print at the end of it.




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