Fanboy Friday – Matt Bailey

Before we get started, all pictures can be found at baileyillustration on Instagram, Here.

So this is the first Fanboy Friday. I doubt it will be a regular Friday thing, but I decided it needed a suitably shitty name. I’ll showing designers/illustrators I like and maybe do a piece in their style. Anywho…

What’s not to love about Matt Bailey? He’s got skulls, skeletons and B&W work. Admittedly some of it is a bit fucking weird. But hey, I guess that’s part of the charm.

IMG_2650I really like the style of his work, it’s really polished even though it’s quite scratchy and rough. The style would look really nice in a book or on shirts, which i’d definitely be into.

I’ve done a drawing in a similar style, using lyrics from Bad Omen – Glass Houses (it’s a great song). The picture quality isn’t great, but I’ll sort that in the future.


I’m not sure what else to say other than check out his Instagram. I thought he was worth a share.


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